Real Estate Professionals

Valuation & Advisory Support

REDAH optimizes property information for real estate professionals to generate reliable property market insights and deliver effective valuation and advisory services.

Information Registries

Simplify the process to derive market intelligence.

Assemble and archive information for easy reference and analysis using a choice of standard data entry interfaces for inputs into information registries for property sales, property valuations, and landlord portfolio.

Workflow Management Portal

Manage workflows to mitigate risk and deliver timely services.

In-App management of client relations and team service delivery: receipt of client instructions, communication with clients and your team, allocation of assignments, progress monitoring, approval of reports, electronic report submission to clients.

Banking and Finance

Collateral Monitoring

REDAH optimizes property information for banks to monitor and de-risk collateral portfolios.

Simplify the process to identify and mitigate emergent risks.

Automate collateral portfolio monitoring to highlight key risk flags.

Simplify the process to identify and mitigate emergent risks. Assemble collateral information into a structured database that supports analysis for risk profiling and business intelligence to highlight key risk flags.

Manage workflows to mitigate risk and deliver services faster.

Workflow Management Portal

In-App management of vendor service delivery: issuance of instructions, communication with vendors, progress monitoring, receipt and approval of reports.

Infrastructure Development Consultants

Access to Land Management

REDAH optimizes workflows and information management for consultants to fast-track land acquisition for infrastructure projects.

Optimize workflows for process efficiency

Workflow Management
  • A consolidated & centralized repository for Resettlement Action Plans of all your infrastructure development countrywide including legacy projects.
  • Virtual / Real Time validation of field work and remote project progress monitoring by the acquiring agency management over their field staff.
  • Quick reference to project affected persons (PAPs) and project details status via web or application access.
  • Quick visibility of past, ongoing, and gazetted/ planned projects for further national planning purposes such as shared/ cross over infrastructure corridors and or comparable compensation rates payable, etc.
  • Clear identification of all assessment parties involved, that is, project affected persons (PAPs), local authority signatories, and appointed consultant field staff.
  • Ease of Audit process, especially to manage client reputation risk.
  • Front load key project attributes like land market rates & district compensation rates to minimize data manipulation and fraud.
  • Automated compensation computation to speed up project execution, and provide basis for information sharing and validation.
  • End-to-end grievance mechanism and auditable payment settlement process.
  • Document Archiving for ease of future reference of past settled PAPs.
  • Potential access of capital gains tax from repeat/ serial PAPs that may appear in several projects.
  • All PAPs photographs and property are geo-tagged to affirm location, time/ date of assessment, ease of reference and minimize fraud such as ghost PAPs and creation of grave sites.
  • Capturing of multiple interests on the same property within the same corridor to ascertain rights of various associated PAPs based on the principle of continuum of land rights.

Government Revenue Authorities

Property Tax Administration

REDAH optimizes property market intelligence to support property tax administration to maximize government revenue.

Simplify the process to generate market intelligence

Assemble property transaction data from different public entities: Land registry, surveys and mapping, municipal approvals and licences, property sales, rentals.

Business Analytics

Market Analytics

Analyse property transaction data to identify tax opportunities by value and geo-location.

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