Property Tracker

Assemble and structure your property information

Standardised data entry interfaces that are customised to specific industry needs organise information for ease of reference and analysis.

Scan, tag and archive electronic copies of documents for future reference in a secure access controlled environment limiting the need for physical document movement to avoid damage, loss and breach of confidentiality.

Assemble and structure your property information
market analytics reports


Essential Property, Business/Portfolio, and Market Analytics Reports

market analytics reports

Property Value Benchmarks

Understand the market context of property values from property reports prepared to international standards based on comparable transactions.

Business Portfolio and Risk Reports

Portfolio dashboards, activity reports, workflow reports , and risk reports based on automated monitoring of the business portfolio to highlight trends and risks.

Market Intelligence

Reliable market reports, property price indices auto-update, and an indexed valuation model that auto-update with each new transaction record to provide the most up-to-date market insights.


Optimized workflows and information management for process efficiency in land acquisition

Front load key project inputs to limit data manipulation and fraud

Project maps, land price benchmarks and approved compensation rates.

Digitize field data management to automate compensation assessment

Electronic data collection for PAP, land, and valuation survey information enables real data time transmission to feed into automated compensation assessments and reduce report preparation time.

Remote progress monitoring in real-time

Virtual site project site views and real-time progress reports to support remote team monitoring and field work validation.

process efficiency in land acquisition
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