What we do

We make it simple for you to assemble, analyze, and action property information.
Our services benefit governments’ central and municipal revenue authoritities, infrastructure development agencies, banks, and professionals in the real estate industry.


We are on a mission to simplify access to, handling, understanding, and use of real estate information; developing tools that create structure and deliver efficient access to real estate information.


We have a vision to be the leading facilitator in developing transparent and efficient property markets.


REDAH’s seed was sown in 2012 when two of our founders questioned why it was difficult to access authentic property market information in Uganda. In 2015 we set about designing a solution for real estate information management; a database to assist anyone with real estate as a key input into their business to make sense of the real estate market. With a working prototype on hand, we registered the company and our first copyrights in 2017. Since then, our interactions with industry players have reinforced the need for information management, market analytics, and risk profiling. We maintain the overarching mission to deliver solutions to the challenges of access to reliable real estate information within the ultimate objective of providing authentic market reference information.

We live by


You can trust us to do what’s right all the time.


If it’s important to you it’s important to us. We create our products with input from our clients.


Thinking and acting fast is integral to helping our customers meet their business goals.

Contact Us

Unit B1 – 27 Bandali Rise, Bugolobi
P.O. Box 8931, Kampala, Uganda

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