Real Estate Data Analytics Hub


Value and risk monitoring for the real estate market.

We help valuers, lenders, land acquisition consultants, and governments optimize property information to generate reliable market insights, monitor and de-risk portfolios, fast-track compulsory acquisition, and maximize revenues.

Would you like to

Explore and discover how REDAH makes it easy to assemble and analyse property information.

Information Management

Customised information registries.

Select from our suite of information registries to fit data assembly needs.

Scan, tag and archive related documents accompanying a transaction for ease of reference.

Cancelled Title Registry | Collateral Registry | Customary Tenure Registry | Landlord & Tenant Portal | Municipal Approvals Portal | Property Portfolio | Property Sales Registry | Land Surveyors’ Portal | Valuation Registry

Market Analytics

Graphic portfolio, business, and market analytics.

Property reports, portfolio/business dashboards, activity reports, workflow reports, market reports.

Risk Profiling

Emergent risk monitoring reports.

Security certificate, risk category reports, enterprise risk profiles, location risk map.

Access to Land Management

Automated workflows for compensation assessment.

Upfront project inputs, digital field data management, real-time project reports.

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